Saturday, March 19, 2011

Small Things Can Be Problems

Sirius - new seat
Troublesome underseat toolbag

Over time it becomes clear that even small purchases of items that should be straightforward can be problematic. There are various choices for underseat toolbags, but they are all basically the same idea - carry an extra tube, a multitool, perhaps a flat kit as well and I also have a couple of my favorite Allen wrenches.

While the bag shown above looks fine, after I used a wrench in it last, in closing it the zipper came off. Once I open it again (it is presently stuck closed) that's the end of that. A previous bag with an Allen wrench got a hole where apparently the wrench constantly rubbed - I found the wrench attempting to escape before it got away, fortunately. Buying toolbags is getting habit forming!

A possible solution I suppose is to buy a leather Brooks Saddles Challenge Tool Bag for ~$90 or so. No, that isn't going to happen. Hmm. . .

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