Saturday, March 19, 2011

108 Links, Half Inch of Stretch (Full Link)

Matches up here
New chain and old chain match up for while, more or less

On the left is a new SRAM chain for my Traitor Ruben, on the right is the original SRAM chain after (?) 3,000 miles (I guess). Turns out the original chain is the 1030model, which is the least expensive 10 speed chain they have (and stretches the fastest, it seems). Since my "good" road bike has a Shimano CN-6600 10 speed chain that hasn't stretched yet, after more like 5,000 miles, I was quite surprised to realize (a) that this was a cheap chain, and (b) that it has stretched a lot.

New chain, old chain
Over the full length of the chain, full link worth of stretch

The chain has 108 links (one half inch per link, when installed - total of 54 inches) plus a "power link" to hook the ends together. After however many miles I have gone, the chain is now one full link (one half inch) longer overall. Should have replaced it a while ago! To slow down this problem, I bought a better grade of SRAM ten speed chain to replace it.

It isn't the chain plates that stretch, of course, but the pins inside that bend. I don't think this caused the cogs or rings significant damage. Hmm . . .

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