Saturday, March 5, 2011

1896 Map of Washington "Bicycle Tours"

Washington DC Bicycle Map, 1896

PDF of this newspaper page provides the best image quality and ability to zoom in. Given that this image is from microfilm of the original (that is, several times reformatted from the original paper item) the quality is pretty good. Not great, but good.

From the article below the map ~
There has never been a season when there was half as much travel on the flying wheel as there has been, is, and is going to continue to be this season.
Not a night passes but some gay party passes out for a run through the country. All routes are being tried and becoming better known, so that even the inexperienced, with the assistance of a map and a little information from a friend can make pleasant and health-giving trips into the open country.
The article goes on to provide descriptions of different possible excursions.

Bicycle Map, 1896 (Detail)

Above, somewhat more detailed view of the Northern Virginia part of the map; below, zooming in further

1896 Bicycle Map, Four Mile Run

Already in 1896 bicycle rentals were available ~
Escape from the heat and air of the city for a few hours a day is possible to every person who cares to learn to ride and can get the small amount necessary to hire a wheel - it is of course better to own one, but no longer absolutely necessary.

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