Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Velo Orange

I had to run my back wheel from my Traitor Ruben pseudo cyclo-cross but really a commuter bike over to Spokes to get a spoke replaced on the back wheel (well, I just took the wheel, actually). This is the second spoke to pop so I am thinking this wheel will require rebuilding with better spokes in the near future. Phooey. The disk brake means the rear wheel spokes are pretty stressed, even if there are 36 of them.

Woman out front of the store was loading her fancy randonnée bike onto her car rack - a Velo Orange bike. I admired it - she seemed pleased. I suspect most people don't recognize it for the stack o'cash that it represents. The leather bag she still had attached to the front handlebars sitting on its special shiney rack (that has some French name that I'm forgetting) probably cost $300 alone.

Something like this ~

Velo Orange Randonneur

Looking at the Velo Orange dealer network, there are a zillion in CA, OR, and WA but like four in VA. Oh well.

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