Sunday, April 17, 2016

Smooth 26 Inch Tires for Zippy Ride

1995 Trek with Michelin Run'r tires installed
1995 Trek Singletrack bike with 26 inch 1.4 inch wide Michelin Run'r tires installed

Michelin 26 inch Run'r 1.4 inch tires
Close-up view

When I bought this bike, it had some Kenda knobby tires that are 1.95 inches wide (according to the sidewall) installed. Ths rims of this bike are a little narrower than the wheels on newer mountain bikes I have and the 1.95 tires looked a little odd on the more narrow rims. Also, they are noisy when riding, even when pumped up, and likely do little to make the bike zippy.

I found these Michelin Runn'r tires at Bike Tires Direct. There are supposedly made of the same rubber compound as road bike tires (although lots more of it) and yet only cost around 16 dollars each. The sidewall says that the max inflation is 87 psi, but at 75 they seemed plenty hard enough. Bike rides great with these.

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